April 4th, 2006

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"Simpsons" Teases Moviegoers.

'King Kong' DVD scares up $100M 1st-week sales.

Coraline news.

James McAvoy Finds Atonement.

Dean Koontz's Husband to the Big Screen.

Jackson dials '1408' thriller. Samuel L. Jackson's going to play the manager? Man, this is going to be good. I always felt like the manager explaining all the reasons why this guy should not stay in the room was the best part of the story anyway.

Wiretapping Brouhaha Claims "Die Hard" Director.

McTiernan, a Hollywood veteran who also helmed The Hunt for Red October and Predator, was charged with one count of lying to FBI investigators, according to federal court documents. The charges read that, during a Feb. 13 interview with federal agents, McTiernan told them that he knew nothing about Pellicano's alleged wiretapping activities and had never discussed wiretapping with the detective, when in fact he had hired Pellicano to do a job for him.

The director, who faces five years in prison if convicted, was ordered to appear in court Apr. 17.

Meanwhile, Pellicano--who, if convicted, could go down in history as the world's most prominent eavesdropper--is looking at 20 years in prison for each count of racketeering he has been charged with. He's looking at a total of 110 charges of racketeering, conspiracy, identity theft, witness tampering and destruction of evidence. The detective has been accused of illegally wiretapping and filching confidential information about a number of prominent performers, journalists and businesspeople.

Hairdresser Pleads Guilty in Costner Case.

Crowe's Smoking Sparks Controversy.

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