April 8th, 2006

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Spider-Man 3 teaser site goes up.

Angelina Jolie in Ocean's 13?

Potter's Phoenix Gets A Release Date. Note: the OOTP movie release date seems to be correct. However, as delicious as the idea of OOTP being released a week after the seventh book and triggering the Potterdämmerung is, my understanding is that there is no book release date yet. I have no idea where Cinematical got this July book release from (not to mention the fact that it also happens to be the anniversary of the London bombings).

Near Dark Remake ... Nears. Some movies can stand to be remade. They either weren't that good the first time, or the concept will sustain a modernized update that becomes a film worth making unto itself. This is not one of those movies. Seriously, y'all, just put the original out in a few theaters. It's worth it.

Aja Looks Into The Mirror.

More on 24: The Movie.

Three New X-Men TV Spots Online.

Kanye West's M:i:III Theme Monday.

Hard Candy Exclusive Clip.

The curse of the real-life Were-Rabbit.

Tom Hanks Talks Hair With Leader Of Japan.

"Casablanca" named greatest movie script. Here's the thing about Casablanca: you watch it for the first time, and it'll seem like the most cliched thing in the world. And the sad part is, this isn't even the movie's fault--it's because the script is so good that people have been quoting it to death for (checks watch) something like sixty years now. You feel like you've heard it all before, and there are no surprises.

But here's the thing: you watch it a second time, and suddenly the movie is transformed into something much better. You see, it's about memory and reminiscence and lovelorn nostalgia, right? Well, once you've got one viewing under your belt, you're part of that trip down Memory Lane. You remember the first time you saw it, you remember seeing them do all these things before--love and leave each other, and so on. So if you watch Casablanca for the first time and it leaves you cold, wait a few days, a few weeks, even, and try it again.

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