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Wondering why the Scientology ep of South Park didn't air last night? Wonder no more: Tom Cruise threatened to pull all M:I3 publicity from Comedy Central, hence the episode substitution. "Not only is this the first time that the South Park creators have been officially censored in their ten hit seasons with Comedy Central, Viacom officials also reportedly ordered Matt Stone and Trey Parker not to discuss the reason why their episode was cancelled." Too bad there's a little thing called the internet.

Superman: Superman Goes Forward With Superwidow's Blessing; USAToday: new Superman pics; Routh, Singer on Superman. Plus, a cameo confirmed on that last link (spoiler).

Video: Exclusive: She's the Man David Cross Clip; Fast and the Furious Trailer Drifts In; New Poseidon Trailer Hits.

Reviews: V For Vendetta; Find Me Guilty; Film Review: Find Me Guilty; SXSW: A Scanner Darkly.

Video Interview: Natalie Portman.

New Ice Age and The Wild Pics.

Soundtrack Giveaway!!

Cannabis, the Movie.

Defamer Set Report: The 'Spider-Man 3' Shoot At Paramount.

John Newton Biopic Finally Heads into Production.

Shades of Mel Gibson! Movie For Hannibal Biopic To Be Spoken in Punic. This is the Vin Diesel-starring Hannibal of the Alps and the elephants, btw. Young Hannibal is a totally different travesty.

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