Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote in dailydigestnews,
Cleolinda Jones

Tags: basic instinct 2, brick, brokeback mountain, fresh prince of bel-air, goblet of fire, harry potter, lovers, my super ex-girlfriend, the grudge, the simpsons, tv, wonder woman

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    Spider-Man 3 teaser site goes up. Angelina Jolie in Ocean's 13? Potter's Phoenix Gets A Release Date. Note: the OOTP movie release date seems to…

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    Princess Bride on DVD: Pink and Blue Editions. But--but--didn't I just buy a fairly new loaded edition? What the hell? Stone to Direct 'Basic…

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    Liman's Jumper. Rather than being about suicide, which was my first thought, the story actually sounds fairly interesting. World Trade Center…

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