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Princess Bride on DVD: Pink and Blue Editions. But--but--didn't I just buy a fairly new loaded edition? What the hell?

Stone to Direct 'Basic Instinct 3'?

Cruise Denies Adult Pacifier for Holmes.

DreamWorks Animation Adapting Punk Farm.

Giamatti and Evans Join Nanny Diaries.

Gurinder Chadha to Direct Dallas.

Amber Tamblyn is Behaving Normal.

Warner Bros. Opens Heart Shaped Box.

Third Pirates Title Confirmed?

More For Cannes: X3, Fountain, WTC.

New 300 Video Journal Online.

Walden Media LOVES New Zealand. The upshot being, Prince Caspian will also be filmed there. (Related: Narnia DVD Easter Eggs.)

Order of the Phoenix on July 13 Offically Official, Really This Time.

United 93 News: Trailer Pulled from NYC Theater.

It's Werewolf War, or, "First photos from Skinwalkers."

Did Stephen Gaghan plagiarize for his Syriana script?

Exclusive: Cars Countdown Pic.

How Many Girlfriends Does Peter Parker Need?

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