Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote in dailydigestnews,
Cleolinda Jones

French Actor Vincent Cassel to Emcee at Cannes.

Toy Companies Not Wild About 'The Wild.'

Almodovar Exhibit Opens in Paris.

Simpsons Theatrical Teaser.

Britney Spears To Focus Her Non-Talents On Acting.

Review: Lucky Number Slevin.

Pan's Labyrinth Stills.

X-Men: The Last Stand Television Spots.

Phil Joanou Directing Sharky's Machine.

Narnia Stars Talk About the Sequel.

007 EmasculationWatch: Daniel Craig's Royal Flush.

Jay Chandrasekhar on the Set of Beerfest.

Mel Brooks Creating A Young Frankenstein Musical?

Hundred-Foot Eva Longoria Terrorizes Desert.

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