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Cleolinda Jones

Possibly the last update I will get to do before the tornadoes come in, so hang on if I disappear for a while.

Dan Brown wins Da Vinci Code case.

New Nacho Libre Trailer.

Prince of Tennis Live-action Movie Trailer.

Charlotte's TV Spot.

Kimberly Elise Joins P.D.R.

DeVito and Broderick Get All Lit Up.

Save This Date ("a comedy about feverishly planning a wedding that doesn't exist").

Alba Talks Fantastic Four 2.

X3: Extreme Wolverine.

Doug Jones Hints at Hellboy 3.

Some really nice, scathing reviews in the mix today: Take the Lead, Take the Lead, Take the Lead, Lucky Number Slevin, Lucky Number Slevin, Lucky Number Slevin, Phat Girlz, The Benchwarmers, When Do We Eat?, On a Clear Day, The Sci-Fi Boys.

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