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Inside Man Holds Box Office Hostage.

And You Thought Disney Only Made Cute Musicals!

AICN script review of Tarantino's Death Proof.

Sharon Stone Gushes Over Bobby, Alpha Dog.

Furious/United Posters.

Casino Royale bts footage (French).

All-star cast set for "March of Penguins" spoof.

Changing India forces Bollywood to turn down volume.

So Are You Telling Us Nobody Wants a $200 Gift Certificate?

Lord of the Rings Musical Unleashed.

"I think the idea of holding any twenty year old up as a role model is completely idiotic. I’d like to make everyone in this room think about what they were doing at twenty, and hopefully it was a lot of sex and it was a lot of drinking and it was a lot of mistakes. It’s something you go through and it’s embarrassing, but it’s life. You’ve got to be able to do that." Hello, I am Keira Knightley and I am awesome. (Thanks, this_quiet!)

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Film Festivals

Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival Lineup Revealed.

Coppola among Cannes entrants with Marie Antoinette.

Cannes Rumor Mill.

Sharon Stone Is Batshit Insane

Stone: Comfortable in the nude. (In other news, sky blue, puppies cute.)

Sharon Stone's Scream Method.

Sharon Stone Talks About Peace, Her Naked Body, And Jews In Her Employ.



Did P.M. Blair's Son Aid 'Vendetta' Filmmakers?

Dept. of Homeland Security Shoots Down Movie Script.

In-Theater Ads: A Bane to Patrons, A Boon to Theaters.

Julianne Moore to star on Broadway in 'The Vertical Hour.'

Apocalypse Pooh!

Cruise at Yahoo: The internal e-mail. "It's like we're expecting royalty on campus tomorrow for chrissake!" Then: Tom Cruise Goes Yahoo. Includes more couch-jumping shenanigans. I am not kidding.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars ("We hate how trite and tired the books were getting before the New Jedi Order series, and we hate the New Jedi Order series for being so radically different, and not nearly trite or tired enough").

Team Universal Commemorates The Brokeback Phenomenon.. It involves beer pong and public sex, that's all I was able to gather. Oh, and the snubbing of the Lionsgate/Crash assistants.

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'Without A Trace's' $3.6 Million Teen Orgy Scene.  'Without A Trace's' Teen Orgy Scene: The Totally Hot Full-Text Version.

"SNL" skit puts YouTube on map. (Related: Showbiz unsure if YouTube a friend or foe.)

Kim surfaces as sex symbol on 'Lost.' Well, duh.

Isaac Hayes didn't quit South Park? "My sources say that someone quit it for him.  Hayes is in no position to have quit anything. Contrary to news reports, the great writer, singer and musician suffered a stroke on Jan. 17. At the time it was said that he was hospitalized and suffering from exhaustion." What the implication is, rather, is that the "Church" of Scientology quit the show for him. (Update: Chef Returns for 'South Park' Premiere. Or... does he?)

Interviews and Articles

Inside the premiere of Inside Man.

Interview: Alfonso Cuarón.

Interview: Wim Wenders and Eva Marie Saint for Don't Come Knocking.

Mel Talks Apocalypto.

Could There Really Be A Batman vs Superman?

IGN's Inside Look at Heist.

A Scanner Darkly Animator: Sorry, No Naked Winona. Well, actually, yes naked Winona, but not genuine naked Winona.

Kevin Smith Wants a Clerks Cartoon Movie. Well, I want a pony and a money tree, while we're at it.

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Will Smith in Big Screen It Takes a Thief Adaptation: "Universal Pictures has attached Will Smith to star in a feature adaptation of the TV series It Takes a Thief , reports Variety. The Roland Kibbee-created series, which starred Robert Wagner, ran 1968-70."

Oldman Confirmed for Harry Potter 5. Thank GOD.

Hartnett and Jackson Are Resurrecting the Champ.

Aghdashloo Aboard New Line's Nativity.


X-Men: The Last Stand Images Still Goofy.

Snakes On A Plane: The Logo. (Related: Is Snakes on a Plane already overhyped?)

The New M:i:III Poster!

New Cars Posters.

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Another series of linkspams organized (loosely) by category:

News and Announcements

Shrek 3 News.

Simpsons Movie Moving Along: dialogue is starting to be recorded.

Robert Luketic to Direct 21. Therefore... Luketic Leaving Dallas?

Conan Meets Wachowski Brothers?

Touchstone Turns on The Lighthouse.

Ron Howard to Direct Last Man Home.

Bruce Campbell on an Evil Dead remake?

Broccoli Begins Work on 'Casino Royale' Sequel; Craig Gears Up For More Bond.

Universal Pictures Reaches Destination: "Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to The Stars My Destination , a 1955 Alfred Bester novel that's considered a seminal sci-fi work."

Murderball Helmer Turns to Fiction with his own novel, The Every Boy.

The Narnia Factory: Production gears up.

Lady Fairy Tale Gets Booked. Which is an awkward way of saying, "Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will publish a picture book companion to M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming fantasy film Lady in the Water."

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Weinstein Co. has date with Miss Potter. "The Weinstein Co. has acquired North American rights to Miss Potter, which stars Renee Zellweger as children's author Beatrix Potter. Production is underway in the U.K. Also on board are Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson. Chris Noonan directs in his follow-up to the 1995 hit Babe. Miss Potter follows Potter's struggles to overcome a domineering, unsupportive mother and the chauvinism of Victorian England to write The Tale of Peter Rabbit." Man, I remember when Cate Blanchett was attached to this. Also, if the Babe guy is on board, does this mean Peter Rabbit will show up as an actual character? Because that would be kind of fun.

'Sin City' Sequel Waiting for Jolie. New tidbit: "The second film will be based on Frank Miller's graphic novel stories 'A Dame to Kill For' [okay, we knew this] and 'Lost, Lonely and Lethal,' according to website,"

Paramount Develops Stoneheart.

Monte Hellman to Direct Desperadoes.

High Score Trailer.

Nacho Libre Trailer #2.

Clive Owen: Inside Man? (interview)

DC/Marvel Copyrighting the Phrase 'Super Hero.' Quick, someone go ask Alan Moore how he feels about it! That's got to be good for another three rants.

Mel & "Passion" pals ponder "Big Question."

Final chapter looms in "Da Vinci" copying case. (Related: 'Da Vinci' Trial: Lawyer Criticizes Brown.)

"Mission" movie going mobile first.

De Rossi Blames 'Ally McBeal' for Eating Disorder.

Lohan Named New Face of Louis Vuitton.

Culkin Forced To Testify at Jackson Trial.

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